Private dark web and deep web monitoring

Dark web monitoring is these days considered a required part of threat intelligence gathering. Deep web monitoring is increasing the amount of valuable threat intelligence but usually hits on financial or other limits. The majority of hidden sites require paid or invitation-only membership, the sites are usually in other than English languages, the sites use various robot/spider blocking techniques such as captcha, puzzles, interactive problem solving, or even require proof of an attack to discourage security researchers and threat intelligence analysts gathering new threat intelligence.

We decided to be unique and gather as much as possible threat intelligence by indexing not only the dark web but as well the deep web. We will not disclose the used techniques, tools, and processes used to gather the threat intelligence, but on a daily basis, we index MILLIONS of dark web and deep web pages on 1M+ darkweb domains. We index not only TOR but as well other hidden networks such as I2P,…

We do not provide access to our search engines, we actively cooperate with our clients defining the keywords, understanding the context, and providing customized threat intelligence back to the clients. You pay per keyword/context and on a daily basis, you get back threat intelligence. Specialized topics requiring additional efforts are more expensive.